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Free Body Wash! CVS 1-31 to 2-6

I love deals like this.  CVS has the Dove Men + Care bodywash on sale this week for $5.49, get $5.49 back in EB.  The limit is 2 (but lets hope its higher – check those receipts!)

Here’s a great scenario for getting started at CVS for less than $5:

Buy one bodywash for $5.49.
Use the $1.25 coupon from the Sunday paper if you have it, or use the $1 printable coupon.
Pay $4.25 or $4.49 + tax, get back $5.49 EB

Turn around and use your $5.49 EB to purchase another body wash.  You wont pay anything at all, and you will get back another $5.49 EB to use on other things.

If you wanted to use another $1 coupon or $1.25 coupon, you would need to add something else that was $1 or $1.25 to make up the difference.  There is a $1 Spot back at the end of the seasonal section – that would be a great place to grab some filler items (dish soap, hand soap, baby wipes, etc).  Whatever you need 🙂


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Drugstore Deals 1-31 to 2-6


  • Dove Men’s body & face wash $5.49, get $5.49 EB (limit 2). Use the $1 printable coupon to get a $2 profit when you buy 2!
  • Colgate toothpaste $2.99, get $2 EB (limit 1)
  • Nature Made Vitamins BOGO. Use the $1 coupon from the 1-3 SS for any vitamin, or use the $4 CoQ10 from the same insert.
  • CVS batteries BOGO. Good time to get those new batteries for the smoke detectors!!
  • Arm & Hammer laundry detergent & fabric softeners BOGO.
  • Glade or Renuzit air fresheners $.99
  • Finish electrasol tabs $3.99. If you still have the $2.50 coupons, you will get the box for $1.49
  • CVS disposable plates, cups, bowls BOGO.
  • Clorox wipes, Fantastik spray, Windex spray, Murphy’s Oil Soap 2/$5
  • CVS disposable cameras BOGO
  • Lumene facial care – spend $20, get $5 EB. There are several coupons for Lumene products at
  • Spend $15, get $5 EB on SpeedStick (men’s), Softsoap hand soaps, and Irish Spring & Softsoap body washes.
  • Spend $20, get $5 EB on Huggies products. Diapers & Pullups $10, wipes $3.
  • BioLuxe BOGO. Look for try-me-free tags on the conditioner. Send it in for the rebate, get both bottles for free.
  • CVS Purelax (miralax) 14-dose $8.99, get $2 EB
  • Depends $11.99, get $2 EB. Also use the $2 printable coupon to get these for $7.99/pack.
  • Coke or Proctor & Gamble: Buy $25, get $10 (limit 1). Coke 12-pks 3/$11


  • Zicam 10ct $10, get $7 RR. Use the $3 peelie on the box to get this for free!
  • Vitamin Schtick lip care $1.99, get $1.99 RR
  • Blink Tears $7.99, get $7.99 RR.
  • Joint Juice $10, get $10 RR. Use the BOGO printable coupon to get 2 for $10!
  • Scalpicin $5.99, get $5.99 RR. Use the $1 coupon to make this a money-maker
  • Nature Made vitamins BOGO.
  • Nature’s Bounty supplements BOGO
  • Nabisco/Keebler cookies & crackers 2/$5, get $2 RR. Use the $2/2 Nabisco coupon to get these for $.50/box!
  • Buy Olay Total Effects body wash for $7.99, get a free Covergirl eyeshadow kit. Use the $1 Olay coupon from the 1-17 PG, and the $1 Covergirl coupon from the 1-17 PG to get both for $5.99
  • Walgreens cold & allergy medicines BOGO.
  • Pampers buy $20, get $2 RR. Easy ups & diapers $10/pack.
  • Bayer Contour meter $14.99, get $10 RR. Excellent time to use those meter coupons!
  • Pepsi spend $20, get $10 RR. I cant believe this is going on for a 3rd week, but I wont complain 🙂

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Robert’s milk & dairy coupons!!!

Thrifty Puppy – you rock!!

You can go to Roberts’ website and register.  Once you are registered, you can print the above coupons.

The best news?  You can print as many coupons as you need!  Take them to Hen House for the best deal, since they will double (*except for the milk one, since its $.55).  We also got a heads up that there will be coupons in the paper 2-7 and 3-7 for more Robert’s dairy products.  Yay!!  These combine with Hen House sales to often score free sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, and super cheap milk.

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Rebates – free money!

My rebates from the Dulcolax and Olay are starting to come in.  So far I have received $20 in rebate checks this month.  I purchased the rebate items with Register Rewards and Extra Care bucks – a way to legally turn my coupons into cash.  And, what I have found out from my tax friends & by reading the IRS website, rebates are tax free.  You dont have to claim them as income, because they are considered to be a purchase-price adjustment by the manufacturer.

What should I do with my rebate money?  So far its only $20, but I can see that amount growing to be quite a bit by the end of the year.  Take my poll below – I will go with the most popular option 🙂

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HyVee 48 hour sale 1-25 to 1-26

**This is for the Raytown MO store.  Your store may be running a similar deal.  Check for the ad inside 🙂

Not sure why they did a 24 hr sale & then turned around to do a 48 hr one, but I wont complain 🙂

Home Pride Butter Top wheat bread 2/$3

Tennessee Price sausage 3/$5.  Use the $1 coupon from the 12-13 SS to get these for $.66 each

Tyson 1lb bacon $1.97

Palermo’s pizzas 5/$10

HyVee chinese entrees buy one, get one free

Fresh ground chuck $1.97/lb

Pepsi 2L $.88

Doritos, Tostitos, & Lay Snacks $2.99

Delightful Farms boneless, skinless chicken breasts 3lb bag $4.97

Shrimp (frozen) $3.99 lb

Miller Lite, MGD 64 or Miller 18 packs $11.88

January 24, 2010 at 10:38 pm 4 comments

HyVee 12 Hour Sale 1-24

HyVee is having a special 12-hour sale from 8am to 8pm:

HyVee brand 1/2 gallon milk $1.38 (limit 2)

Rotisserie chicken $3.88

Tony’s Pizzas $.88.  Use the $.50 coupon from the 12/13 SS to get these for $.38 each!

Tostitos chips $1.88.  Save your receipt for the Coors Rebate.

Viva paper towels 6-pk $4.88

Cottonelle toilet paper 12 rolls $4.88

Skippy peanut butter $.98

Sara Lee white bread $.98

Thanks to Thrifty Puppy and Confessions of a Couponer for the heads up!

*Check with your manager first – some HyVee stores will take Walgreens RR since HyVee does a catalina program too.  That will really make your grocery budget stretch!

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Drugstore Deals 1-24 to 1-30


  • Maxwell House coffee $1.99. Use the $1/2 coupon from the 12-13 SS.
  • Nature Made vitamins BOGO. CoQIO has a $4 coupon in the 1-3 SS. Buy 2, and get them for $8 off the regular price of one. Pretty good deal!
  • Kraft shells & cheese or Velveeta mac 2/$3
  • Coffee Mate $2.49, BOGO. Use the $1 coupon to get 2 for $.49.
  • $5 off the Loreal 24-hr Lash Boosting system. Use the $3 Loreal coupon from the 1-3 RP to get this for $8 off the regular price.
  • Buy an Olay Quench lotion, get a free shower lotion. Submit your receipt for the Olay Quench rebate (can submit 2 per household), and get both for free! Use the $2 lotion coupon from the 1-17 PG to make $2 on each bottle. Depending on your store, you could also use the $1 in-shower lotion coupon from the 1-17 PG since the amount for the “free” in-shower lotion wont be taken off until the end.
  • Tresemme haircare 3/$12, get $5 RR. Its been reported that some clearance bottles are working, especially the specific hair color ones. I think this is a monthly deal. Great price for a good shampoo/conditioner!
  • Secret or Old Spice deodorants $2.49, get $1 RR. Use the $.50 Secret coupon from the 1-17 PG. Or you could use the Buy 3 Deodorants, get free cologne coupon for Old Spice from the 11-29 PG.
  • Buy $25 worth of Huggies/Enfamil, get $5 RR. Huggies 8.99, Wipes 2/$5, Enfamil $22.99.
  • Pepsi buy $20, get $10 RR still going! Time to stock up for the Big Game!!


  • Almay Intense i-Color $5, get $4 EB (limit 1). $1 after EB.  If your store takes competitor coupons, try this $1 one (from Target).
  • Osteo-Bi Flex Buy one, get one free + $3 EB. Use the $6 coupon from the 1-3 RP or the $5 coupon (Use zip 01089).
  • Emerald nuts, select varieties for $1. Use the $1 coupon to get these for free.
  • Eucerin – buy $20, get $10. Use this $5/2 coupon for Redness Relief.
  • Ivory soap bars $.99. Use the $1 coupon in the 12-27 PG to get these for free.
  • Renpure organics shampoo BOGO. There are TMF (Try-me-free) tags on some bottles to get these for free when you buy 2.
  • Dulcolax balance $10.99, get $5 EB. Use the $3 coupon and submit for the $5 rebate to have a $2 money-maker.
  • Ester-C BOGO. Use the $5 coupon from the 1-3 RP to get 2 bottles for $10 off the regular price of one. GREAT deal!
  • Sundown vitamins BOGO. Use the $3/2 coupon.
  • Prilosec 14 ct $9.99, get $5 EB. Use the $3 coupon in the 12-27 or 1-17 PG to get this for $1.99/box after coupons & EB. Amazing deal if you need this!
  • Pepsi spend $20, get $10 deal again. Yay!
  • Loreal cosmetics buy one, get one 50% off. Use the $3 coupon from the 1-3 RP to get a great deal on makeup!
  • * Sun/Mon/Tues* Rimmel makeup – buy one, get one free. Use the $1 coupon in the 12-13 RP.
  • * Sun/Mon/Tues* Scott 6-pk paper towels $4.99. Use the $1 coupon from the 1-17 SS.

As always, thanks to and for the ad scans.

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