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Shopping Fun – $215 of items for $2.14

Today I was able to score $215 worth of items at CVS and Walgreens for only $2.14.  Here’s what I got:

4 Contour & 2 Breeze meters at Walgreens.  4 separate transactions, $0.00 out-of-pocket, earned $36 in Register Rewards.  That’s $36 pure profit! And 60 days worth of testing supplies for my uncle.

CVS (split over 6 transactions at 4 stores, using 4 of the $5/$20 purchase coupons):

  • 12 Soy Joy 6-packs (6 on my card, 6 on DH’s card) – $6 each, get $6 EB – free!
  • 4 Glade fabric refreshers $3.99 each, get $3 EB back.  Total cost was $.99 each
  • 4 Oust air sanitizers $3.99 each, get $3 EB back.  Total cost was $.99 each
  • Complete contact solution $9.99, get $9.99 EB – free!
  • 2 Biore face washes $4 each on clearance, get $3 EB.  Used a $3 coupon, so this was a $2 Money Maker per bottle.
  • 8 Schick razors $1.29 each.  Used 2 $2 coupons and 1 $1 coupon, total was $.33 for all 8, or $.04/package.  I used these in groups of 4 to help get to the $20 mark since I only had a $5 EB to start with on that card.
  • 1 Dawn hand renewal $.99, used $1 coupon (adjusted down to $.99) – free!

I began the day with $20 in Extra Bucks, and ended up with $39.

After the cash I paid, I ended up the day with $215-worth of items, and $72.86 in profit.  Pretty good day if you ask me!  The meter coupons were definitely worth the $16 I paid for 20 of them.  I wish they were still selling that low now – the sellers realized how good the deal is & they are asking $40+ for them.  Still not bad when you figure that 20 coupons could net you $130 – a $90 profit.

I took some video off & on, but I dont think its very good (which is why I posted the pics).  Maybe Dh can edit it into something watchable for us 🙂


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CVS Bonus Packs 1-3 to 2-14

Every January, CVS does a bonus pack deal in their seasonal section.  There are a TON of items this time.  Head over to iHeartCVS to check them all out.

Here are the ones I am excited about:

  • SoyJoy 6-pk $6, get $6 EB (limit 6)
  • Oust Air & Surface sanitizer $3.99, get $3 EB (limit 3).  Use the $2/2 coupon to get these for free. There might be a BOGO coupon in the 1-3 RP, so I am holding off on buying them until I see if we got the coupon here or not.
  • Glade Fabric refresher $3.99, get 3 EB (limit at least 4).

A lot of stores have started putting these out already.  I am heading out today to grab these deals, plus a few more.  I will post up my items & totals when I get back, if I had any luck 🙂


Here’s what I got for $.75 out of pocket:

3 Glade Fabric sprays $3.99, get $3 EB (limit at least 4)
1 Complete contact solution $9.99, get $9.99 EB (limit 1)
6 SoyJoy bars $6, get $6 EB (limit 6)
2 Oust air sanitizers $3.99, get $3 EB (limit 3?)
Biore face wash $4 clearance, got $3 EB (limit 1).  Used $3 coupon, so it was a $2 MM.

I did 3 different transactions.  I only took 2 $5/20 coupons to the store with me – it would have been a lot better if I would have had one for the 3rd transaction, but its ok.  I am still within my $2.50 limit for the week 🙂  I am planning to go out again today to try it all on DH’s card because I love love LOVE the SoyJoys!

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Great Deal on Dog Food!

I have a 95lb lab/pointer mix, so I am always looking for a good deal.  Right now Target has the 40lb bags of Pedigree on sale for $18.86, and you will get a $5 giftcard when you buy one!

$18.86 dog fod
Pay $18.86 + tax, get back a $5 giftcard

That makes this $13.86/bag!  My rule of thumb is $.50/lb, and this deal makes it $.35/lb.  I will be buying 4 🙂  Too bad there are not any good coupons to go along with it.  There is a $2 Target coupon out but its for 20lb or smaller bags 😦

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Grocery Deals 12-29 to 1-5

Sorry these are being posted late.  I totally forgot its Wednesday!  I am not excited about returning to work next week, but at least I will hopefully know what day it is again 🙂


  • Roma tomatoes $.99/lb
  • Monterey mushrooms $.88 with in-ad coupon
  • Kiwi 4/$1
  • Sweet Corn 3/$1
  • 2lbs frozen tilapia fillets $4.97.  This is a rock-bottom price grab a couple!
  • Boneless bottom round roast $2.88/lb
  • Michelina’s entrees $1 each.  Use the $5 coupon here or here to get these for $.80/each when you buy 5.
  • Fresh whole chickens $.89/lb.  Great price!
  • $.25 off HyVee whole-wheat pasta with online ad coupon (click on the Online Exclusive ad, page 3.  Click on the coupon to add it to your print list).

Hen House

12-26 to 12-31

  • Dole bananas $.33/lb
  • Ro-tel $.79/can.  If you have the December All You magazine, use the $1/4 coupon to get these for $.54 each.
  • Coke 2L $.98
  • Fresh, live lobsters $9.99/lb (was $19.99/lb!)
  • Broccoli crowns $1.29/lb
  • Pumpernickel or Rye bread $1.88
  • Limes 5/$1
  • Lemons 2/$1
  • Ken’s dressings $1.98 each.  There is a $3 MIR here when you buy 2 Ken’s and any produce.
  • Philadelphia cream cheese $.99. Use the $1 coupon or use the $.50/2 from the 12-6 SS.

12-30 to 1-5

  • Coldwater lobster tails 2/$7
  • Pepsi 2L $.99
  • Green Onions, Green Peppers, or cucumbers 2/$1
  • Bar-S hotdogs or sausage links $.99.  Use the $1/2 coupon to get these for $.50 each.
  • Carl Buddig 2oz lunchmeats $.49.  Use the $1/5 from the 12-6 SS to get 5 for only $1.45
  • Carl Buddig 8-10 oz lunchmeat tub $1.99.  Use the $1 coupon from the 12-6 SS to get this for $.99

Price Chopper

12-26 to 1-1

  • Aquastar 1lb frozen shrimp $3.98
  • Palermo’s frozen pizzas $1.78.  Use the $1 coupon to get these for $.78 each.
  • Kraft Velveeta $2.98 (limit one, additional boxes are $3.99)
  • Ground beef $1.58/lb
  • Fresh porkloin roasts $1.99/lb
  • Coke 2L $.99
  • Best Choice blackeye peas $.69
  • Tony’s Pizza 5/$10.  Use the $1/2 coupon to get these for $1.50 each.
  • Aquastar pacific salmon fillets $3.49/lb

12-30 to 1-5

  • Reames egg noodles 2/$5.  Use the $.50 coupon here or from the 11-22 SS
  • Belfonte yogurts 3/$.99
  • Aquastar 10oz shrimp trays $3.49
  • Nature’s Blessed Cherry Juice concentrate 32 oz $19.99.  Not sure if this is the best price, but I know people who take this regularly so I thought I would add it in 🙂

I hope you enjoy the ads.  Maybe I will take you all with me grocery shopping tomorrow if the roads are clear enough.  Would be fun 🙂

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Shopping Fun

I went out shopping today to grab up some meters & Olay.  Want to see?

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Laundry detergent – $.03/load!

There is a great new deal going on at Walgreens.  This month (until 1-30), the Sun laundry detergents are $4.99 each, but when you buy one, you will get another one for free.  The detergents do 75 loads each, so for $4.99 you get enough detergent to do 150 loads of laundry, at about $.03/load.  That’s far cheaper than even the homemade laundry detergents I have seen.  Another thing I like is that the detergent is phosphate free, and environmentally friendly.

I know Sun isnt one of the major brands, but it does get decent reviews.  I have used it before & noticed no difference from other detergents.  Works great & smells pretty good too.  But, I will say that I dont have a lot of greasy/muddy clothes to wash, usually just pretty light loads.

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Mail in Rebates

I have posted a few mail in rebate deals lately (the Just for Men, Olay, and Dulcolax).  I never used to bother with these, but I have decided to give them a good try for this next year.

Mail in Rebates (MIRs) are pretty simple.  You purchase the qualifying item, fill out the redemption form (some ask for the UPC to be cut off the product, others let you just write the codes down), and send it off in the mail.  Most of the time you have to wait 6-8 weeks to receive your check back.  That’s why I never bothered before – it didnt seem worth it to have my money out of commission for that long.

The deals I am submitting now, however, are money maker deals.  With the Just for Men haircolor, I purchased it after Thanksgiving at CVSfor $8, used the $2 coupon that I printed off their site, and received a $8 Extra Buck.  So that already made it a $2 money maker.  Then I was able to submit my receipt for the MIR – meaning that in about 6 more weeks I should get a check for $8 – a check that I can put into savings or use to pay a bill (can’t do that with EB!).

To keep track of my rebates, I have made a small spreadsheet.  Across the top I listed the item, date purchased, rebate details (look in the fine print for the phone # to call if your rebate does not show up), date mailed, and date received.  This way I can look and see that I should be expecting to receive rebates, and if they dont show up I can call to find out where the check is.

I will be using MIRs as a way to turn my Register Rewards and Extra Bucks into cash – legally!  I am not sure if these funds will be added back into my shopping budget, put towards a bill, or put into savings.  I still have a few weeks to decide before they get here.

If you have not tried a MIR deal yet, why not start out with the Olay deal?  Its a pretty easy deal to do, you will end up with 2 great cleansers for only $5.66 + tax, and when your $15 check comes back in, its almost a $9 money maker!

To check out other great MIR deals going on across the country, check out A Full Cup’s Mail-In Offers forum. There are great deals here, from groceries to toiletries to hardware items!

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