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Drugstore Deals 11-1 to 11-8

I would love to list out a bunch of super hot deals this week, but the reality is that BOTH CVS and Walgreens are having horrible deal weeks. I didnt see anything worthy of posting 😦

Such a shame. I cant remember a week where at least one of them wasn’t ok. Oh well, I might order another round of Bayer coupons & ensure my meter order will be ready for 11-8. That will be a good week – I will post soon because you will want to buy coupons on eBay for this one.


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Price Chopper – $.49 pizzas!!


This week at Price Chopper, Palermo Pizzas are $1.49 each.  As if that wasnt a good enough deal, there is a $1 coupon available from Palermo!!  The best part is that this is a PDF coupon – which means no coupon printer software to have to install, and you can print as many as you want!  We will be stocking up on the cheese & pepperoni pizzas.  We like to add veggie toppings to them for a quick meal.  If you cant get them while the sale is going on, be sure to grab a raincheck!

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HyVee Hot Deal!


At HyVee this week, use the in-ad coupon to get $10 off your order when  you buy 6 cereals.  The ad states you will also get free milk, but for some reason in MO they are substituting $6 off your next order instead.  To make it even sweeter, you can use that $6 to buy more cereal & get another coupon!

Combine this with the several General Mills cereal coupons available to score some free cereal & possibly even make money on the deal.

Remember, check the dates on the cereal.  Most are good for 6 months or so.  Buy what your family will use before the expiration dates, and have a great start to your Stockpile.  Remember to rotate your stock & use the items with the shortest dates first.  If you can afford to get some extra (and if you are making money on it, why not?), remember that Harvester’s does several events at this time of year to gather food – check out the opportunities to donate your extra items 🙂



I just ran this deal at HyVee.  The Count Chocula cereals are $1.98 each.  Buy 6, use the $1/3 General Mills coupon (10-18 SS) & get these for …. free!  If you dont have the 10-18 SS, use this printable to get $1/2 (most computers can only print 2.  If you have access to more computers, use 3 & get some more things for free!!)  Plus get a $6 coupon to use on your next order!!!  The other cereals range in price from $3.09 to $4.49.  Combine with coupons to get these for free or even make a little money 🙂

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Grocery Store Deals 10-28 to 11-03


  • Boneless/skinless chicken breast $1.79/lb
  • Campbell’s Chunky Soups $1.25 each. Use the $.75/4 from the 10-19 SS or 10-11 SS to get these for $1.06 each when you buy 4.
  • 1lb baby carrots $.99 with in-ad coupon
  • Jolly Time popcorn $1. Use the $1/2 from the 9-27 SS to get these for $.50 each.
  • Buy 6 General Mills Cereals, get $10 off + free gallon of milk (use in-ad coupon). Several printables: $.75 here, $1/2 here, $.75 here. Also $1/2 in the 10-25 SS and $1/3 in the 10-18 SS.
  • Butter Kernel canned veggies $.33 each with in-ad coupon (limit 3/transaction). This is a stock-up price!
  • Dannon Yogurt 10 for $3.90. Use the in-ad coupon to get $1 off, and use the $1/10 from the 10-25 SS to get these for $.19 each.
  • Midwest Country Fare frozen veggies $.88
  • Michelina’s entrées $1. Use the $1/5 here or here to get these for $.80 each when you buy 5.

Price Chopper

  • Country Style port or Whole Port Butt roast $.99/lb
  • Palermo’s pizzas $1.49. Use the $1 coupon to get these for $.49 each!
  • Nestle Hot Cocoa $.79. Use the $1/2 coupon to get these for $.29 each.
  • Sparkle paper towels 8pk $4.99. Use the $1/1 from the 9-13 RP to get these for $3.99 ($.50/roll).
  • Fresh chicken leg quarters $.79/lb

4-day sale 10-29 to 11-1

  • Tony’s pizzas $.79. Use the $1/2 coupon to get these for $.29 each. Or use the $.50/1 from the 10-18 SS.

Hen House

  • Fresh tilapia fillets $3.99/lb
  • Zatarain’s $1. Use the $1.25/3 from the 9-13 RP
  • DaVinci pasta $1/bag

Apple Market

  • Country style pork $.99/lb
  • Fresh chicken breast $.99/lb
  • Robert’s yogurt $1/3. Use the $.30 coupon from the 7-19 SS to get these for $.23.
  • Skippy Peanut butter $2. Get a free loaf of bread when you buy 2 jars of Skippy (in-ad coupon). Use the $.40 coupon from the 10-04 RP to get the peanut butter for $1.20/jar.
  • Roma tomatoes $.99/lb
  • Best Choice shredded cheese $.99/bag. This is a stock-up price!
  • Best Choice flour $.99


  • Pork butt roasts $.99/lb
  • Best Choice frozen veggies $.69
  • In-ad coupon to save $3 when you buy 5 participating Quaker Oats items. This is a manufacturers coupon, so it can really be used anywhere!

4-day sale 10-28 to 10-31

  • 80% lean ground beef $1.29/lb. Sold in 10lb tube, so its really $12.90.
  • Roberts orange juice $.99 each
  • Post cereals $1.49 each
  • 5lb bag potatoes $.99
  • Progresso soups $1.25 each. Use the $1/4 from the 10-4 SS to get these for $1 each.

Walgreens (10-28 to 10-31)

  • Quaker Quick Oats 18oz canister. Buy one for $3.19, get one free with in-ad coupon. If you buy 4 in the same transaction, you will get a $5 RR to use on your next purchase. That ends up being a net cost of $.35/canister!
  • Royal gelatin $.20 each with in-ad coupon.
  • Deerfield Farms butter $3.99. Buy one, get one free. Good price for real butter.
  • NatureValley bars $3.99, buy one, get one free (limit 4/transaction). Use the $.40 coupon to get these for $1.60/box when you buy 2. Also a $1/2 coupon in the 10-4 SS.
  • Butterball chicken broth $.50 each with in-ad coupon.
  • Mott’s applesauce 6-pk. 3/$5 ($1.66 each). Use the $1 coupon here to get these for $.66 each.

CVS (10-28 to 10-31)

  • Campbell’s soups $.50 each (limit 6 per transaction). Use the $1/2 coupon to get these for free.
  • Bumble Bee tuna salad kits $1
  • Chase & Sanborn coffee $2

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Stockpiling Basics

One goal of couponing is to build up a personal stockpile of items to use.   Having a stockpile means that you always have what you need on hand.  No more midnight trips out for TP!   A stockpile could also be a huge blessing in case of an unexpected layoff or wage cut.

When getting ready to start your stockpile, keep a few things in mind:

  • Have adequate storage space.  Ideally, a closet or pantry makes the best storage place.  But if you are limited on space, don’t worry.  Underbed boxes are a great way to store items out of sight.  Get creative 🙂
  • Organization is key.  Keep items organized by type to make it easier to know when you are running low.
  • Watch sales and buy at the lowest price possible.  Usually this means combining sales with coupons to get items for free, or even to make money on them!  If you know of a good sale coming up, oftentimes you can buy additional coupons on eBay for a few cents each.  And store managers can put in a special order for you so that you get all the items you need.  Just ask 🙂
  • Only buy what you can use within a reasonable amount of time.  1-2 years worth of products on hand is a good rule.
  • FIFO – First in, First out.  Rotating your stock when you get new items will ensure that nothing goes to waste.
  • If you wont be able to use an item before it goes bad, donate it!  There are thousands of places that would gladly welcome your donations.
  • Be willing to try new brands.

I keep most of my items on a 4-shelf unit in my garage.  The bottom shelf is for laundry & cleaning products, the 2nd shelf is for health & beauty items, the 3rd shelf is for household items (candles, kleenex, foil, etc), and the top shelf is for toilet paper & paper towels (because they can stack so high).

When there is a good sale on an item, I try to buy what my family needs for 1 year.  If I already have some items on hand, I take that into consideration & only get what I need.  Sometimes I will buy extra items to make up gift baskets or for donating.  The key here is to not go to every store in a 50 mile radius and clear out all the shelves just because you can.  Not only will that make everyone around you upset that the deals are gone, its just exhausting to keep up with so much stuff!!

And be willing to try out new brands.  If you can combine sales/coupons to get an item for free, give it a try.  Who knows – it might become your new favorite product.  That was the manufacturer’s goal when they sent out the coupons & sales in the first place 🙂  And if you really dont like it, you can always donate it.  Also, be careful of the sales you take advantage of at first.  Its tempting to see your favorite shampoo at 50% off and buy a year’s worth, but two months later it could be free with coupons & sales.  A good rule of thumb is $1/item or less.

When I bring items home, I try to sort them & rotate into the stock on hand.  If something wont get used before the expiration date, I make sure to donate it quickly so that it can be used.   Make sure to get receipts for donation & keep your purchase receipts too – you can write off the full retail value of the items, not what you paid after coupons.

To learn more about stockpiling, check out the threads at A Full Cup.

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Walgreens & CVS fun 10-27


Today I decided to hit up both stores.  Tanya posted this great Dove deal, so I had to go to CVS and get some for myself.  And of course, with Walgreens right across the street, how could I not stop in again?



4 Dove deodorants $3.50 each = $14
Used this $2 coupon

2 Degree deodorants $3.50 each = $7
Used this $1.50 coupon

6 Campbells soups $.50 each = $3
Used this $1/2 coupon

Used a $10 Extra Buck from a previous deal

Total was $0.00

Earned another $10 EB for buying $20 worth of Dove/Degree (it counts the total before coupons)




2 Oust surface & air sprays $2.99 each = $5.98
Used this $2/2 coupon

Vaseline sheer infusion lotion $6.99

5 jellos $.20 each with in-ad coupon = $1

Used $11.50 in RR from yesterday

Total was $0.47

Received $7 RR for Vaseline, and $1 RR for Oust



2 Dial body washes (buy one, get one free) – $5.99
Used this $1 coupon

Vaseline sheer infusions lotion $6.99

3 jellos @ $.20 = $.60

Used $13 in RR

Total was $0.51

Received $7 RR for Vaseline



4 Quaker Oatmeals (buy one, get one free) $3.19 each = $6.38

1 Kleenex tissues $.89 with in-ad coupon
– I just realized they forgot to scan the ad coupon, so I paid $1.39 for this.  Oh well.

Used $7 RR from Vaseline

Total was $0.77

Received $5 RR for Quaker



I am now down to only $15 in RR.  I want to do the Quaker deal a few more times before its over.  I eat oatmeal every day for breakfast, so I go through it pretty fast.  I think 8-12 more containers (2-3 more deals) should work just fine.  Hopefully they don’t get sick of seeing me come in the store before its all over with!!

I think this is pretty good for $1.64 out of pocket total 🙂

What kind of deals are you getting?  Has anyone been trying the deals I posted?  Let me know how it works out 🙂

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Walgreens fun 10-26


I had so much fun shopping today.  I had enough coupons to repeat the transactions at each store (I just checked out twice with duplicate transactions – seems to make the cashiers here happier that way).

#1 & #2:
Oust Surface & Air spray – $2.99
Vaseline Sheer Infusions lotion – $6.99
Chapstick Fresh Effects – $2.99
Royal gelatin (filler) – $.69
-$.49 WAGS coupon in-ad for jello
-$13 in RR
=$.17 OOP
Received $1 RR for Oust, $7 RR for Vaseline, and $3 RR for Chapstick.
Overall net cost $2.17/transaction

#3 & #4:
Halls Refreshers sugar-free drops (20 ct) – $1
EmergenC boost drinks $3.49
Robitussin DM 4oz (they are now subbing this for the 2-pk to-go) $2.49
Royal gelatin – $.69
-$.49 WAGS coupon for jello
-$7 RR (from the Vaseline earlier)
= $.18 OOP
Received $1 RR for Halls, $2.50 RR for Robitussin, and $3.50 RR for EmergenC.
Net cost $.18/transaction

#5 & #6:
4 Quaker Oats Quick 1 minute oats (18oz size) $3.19 each
Kleenex tissues $1.39
-$.50 WAGS ad coupon for Kleenex
-$6.38 WAGS ad coupon for Quaker Oats (buy one, get one free)
-$1.25 coupon for Quaker oats (8-30 RP)
-$3.50 & $2.50 RR (from Robitussin & EmergenC)
= $.02 OOP!!
Received $5 RR from Quaker for buying $10 worth (counts total before coupons)
Net cost for the transaction was $1.02

So overall I did 6 transactions today. My total out of pocket cost was $.72, but my real “cost” was $6.72 since I ended up with $6 less in RR than what I started with. The manager at the 2nd store substituted the large Quaker canisters since they were out of the little ones. He rang up one of the little ones 4 times, but gave me 2 of the large cans (that way my RR would still print). The large ones have 2lbs, 10 oz compared to the smaller ones with 1lb, 2oz. I ended up with 1lb more of oatmeal!! Definitely works for me 🙂 I eat this for breakfast almost every morning, and I can use this to bake with since its not already flavored.

I just love seeing the cashier’s face when my total rings up less than $.05. Makes me happy 🙂 Also makes me really happy to have found such a cool manager, substituting all over the place for me today. I guess he figured out I could do my $90 worth of transactions somewhere else, or he could get the business 🙂 He likes to see me come in now, & even points out certain sale items for me. YAY!

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