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Getting good deals is awesome.  Helping a friend in need?  Million-bajillion times better 🙂

If you were in downtown Lee’s Summit on Saturday afternoon, you probably saw these guys.  That’s my DH with his buddy, Juiceman.  They are trying to get participants for their charity golf tournament, The Juicebox Challenge, coming up this Friday.  They are raising money for Jude M., the 4-yr old son of our friend, who is fighting lymphoma.  He is currently undergoing chemo treatments.  As we all know, medical bills add up, and fast.

If you want to know more about Jude, if you are interested in joining the Juicebox Challenge, or if you just want to see other ways to help out this sweet family, check out their site:

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Saturday Shopping – they paid me!!

Today I headed out to CVS, Walgreens, and Target – and brought home a good haul 🙂  I forgot to take a pic this time, so I will just have to tell you what I got:


2 Colgate Total toothpastes – $2.99, get $2 EB, used $.75 coupons = $.24 each
4 Pantene shampoo/conditioners – $2.99, get $1 EB, used $3/2 coupons = $.50 each
3 Dove shampoo/conditioner (one was a double pack – look for these!) – $4.49 each, get $4.49 EB, used $2 coupon = $2 MM each
12 bottles of Nature’s Bounty vitamins – $4.99 to $6.99 each, used $5 rewards coupons, BOGO sale = $20 + MM
2 Stride Gum – $.99, get $.99 EB = Free
2 Dial Nutriskin bodywashes – $5.49, get $4.50 EB, used $1 coupons = Free
1 gallon milk – $3.29

My overall OOP was $1.24.  I used a giftcard to pay for that, so I really didnt pay anything 🙂  I also ended the day with $13 more in EB than I originally had.


3 Pilot Frixion pens =$.61, will submit for $4.50 MIR ($3.89 total profit)

I would have done more, but all my stores were out.  I got a couple rain checks, so I will try this in the middle of next week.  One store had pulled them all off the shelves & brought out 3 when I asked – I will never understand that way of thinking (hide the sale items so they dont sell out?!?!).


6 Seventh Generation cleaners – $2.99 each, used $1 manufacturer coupons & $1 Target coupons = $.99 each

I will submit these for the $5 Seventh Generation MIR, so overall I will make $4 on this one.  Not too shabby.  We also got DH a shirt because I got a $5 Merona catalina last time I was at the store.  I am glad they have started printing out the register coupons!

So overall today, once my rebates come in, I will have made about $21 to go shopping.  Yep – I love it 🙂

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Need kid’s clothes?

Babys R Us is doing a super cool promotion right now. Print out this coupon and receive a pretty reusable tote for free! But, it gets even better than that. Take your new tote and fill it with some cute clothes for the kiddos (infant – 48 months sizes) – and get 25% off of everything you can get in the bag! This sale runs from April 9th to April 22nd. The offer is valid while the totes last, so you better head out this weekend if you want one.

Thanks, Midgetmomma, for the heads-up!!

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Walgreens deals 4-11 to 4-17

Snuggle fabric softener
Sale price: $3.99
Use the $3 coupon from the 3-28 RP
Final price: $.99

Blue Diamond almonds 6oz can
Sale price: $3.49, BOGO
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 1-17 SS
Final price: $2.49, or $1.25 each!

Skippy Peanut Butter
Sale price: 2/$3
Use the coupon for free bread wyb 2 jars (found in the Apple Market ad, but its a manu-coupon)
Use the $1/2 coupon from the 3-28 RP
Final price: 2 jars of PB and 1 loaf of bread for $2 (WOW!)

Van Camp’s pork-n-beans
Sale price: 2/$1 with in-ad coupon
Use the $.25 coupon from the 3-21 SS (has Family Dollar logo, but is manufacturer coupon)
Final price: $.25

Schick Hydro shaving gel
Sale price: $2.99, get $3 RR
Final price: Free!

Schick Hydro razors
Sale price: 7.99, get $5 RR
Final price: $2.99
*Look for coupons coming out on these*

Thanks to iHeartWags for the ad-scan!

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CVS hot deals 4-11 to 4-17

Dove shampoo, conditioner, styler
Sale price: $4.49, get $4.49 EB
Use the $2 printable (not available anymore), or the $1.50 coupon from the 3-28 RP to make this a money-maker!

Dial Nutriskin bodywash
Sale price: $5.49, get $4.50 EB
Use the $1 coupon
Final price: Free!

P&G products – Buy $25, get $10 EB
Puffs – $.99 (Use recent Vocal Point coupons)
Charmin 16 roll packs $9.99
Bounty $12.99
Duracell $5.99

I plan to go on Saturday and use the Nature’s Bounty overage to hopefully stock up on some TP and freebies. I like keeping $10-20 in EB going 🙂

Since you all know how much of a nerd I am, I dont mind sharing – last night I dreamed that CVS changed the limit on the Dove from 1 to 5, and I woke up so excited & about to go get my coupons!! My poor DH…not sure how he puts up with me 🙂

Thanks once again to iHeartCvs for the ad-scan!

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Apple Market deals 4-7 to 4-13

Rump Roasts
Sale price: $1.99/lb

Skippy Peanut Butter
Sale price: 2/$4
Use the in-ad coupon to get a free loaf of bread wyb 2 jars of peanut butter
Use the $.75/2 coupon from the 3-28 RP
Final price: $3.25 for 2 jars & a loaf of bread

Green Works detergent
Sale price: $6.99
Use the $3 detergent coupon
Use the Free cleaning product wyb a detergent coupon from flyer in-store
Final price: $3.99 for detergent & a cleaner!

4-day sale 4-8 to 4-11

20-lb bag potatoes
Sale price: $2.99

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Price Chopper deals 4-7 to 4-13

Orowheat Dutch Country bread
Sale price: $1.59
Use the $1 coupon from the 3-28 SS
Final price: $.59

Smart Balance sour cream
Sale price: $1.49
Use the $1 coupon from the 3-21 RP
Final price: $.49

Rotisserie chicken
Sale price: $4.99

Baguette bread
Sale price: $.89

Fresh blackberries 5-6oz
Sale price: $.99

Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
Sale price: $1.19/lb

4-day Sale 4-8 to 4-11

Little Debbie snacks
Sale price: $1

Pillsbury Grands biscuits
Sale price: $1
Use the $1/3 coupon from the 3-7 SS
Final price: $.66 each

Betty Crocker brownie mix
Sale price: $1
Use the $.75/2 coupon
Final price: $.63 each

Mt Olive sweet relish or dill slices

Sale price: $1

Campbell’s chunky soups
Sale price: $1
Use the $1.50/3 coupon
Final price: $.50 each

Hunt’s canned tomato products
Sale price: $1
Use the $1/3 coupon
Final price: $.66 each

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